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Exterior and

A smart design based on traditional

This latticework is a characteristic feature of traditional Japanese townscapes, and demonstrates the level of care put into everything from the traditional motifs employed in the design to the Japanese beauty of form.

The wooden latticework wall implements a machiya design motif on a stunning scale

Peaceful appearance matching the township of traditional architectures

We welcome you with the refreshing sound of Japanese bamboo fountain and a large shop curtain.

Passing through the entrance, there is a windbreak room. It leads you into the extraordinary space distinct from the outside world.

The wall in front of the front desk. Clay wall which Shuhei Hasado, a famous plasterer, created with a theme of the sound of trees in Hida Takayama.

Stop stone which a round stone used for sacred boundary in Japanese gardens is tied crosswise with the black hemp-palm rope.


A lounge space that provides an oppor-
tunity to enjoy special occasions

Our lounge is designed to evoke the feel of a traditional Japanese communal space around a sunken hearth or irori. During events, you can enjoy spending time with travel companions and locals alike.

It employs Japanese paper screens that block the sights and sounds of the outside world, permitting light alone to penetrate and allowing guests to focus on the extraordinary.

The ceiling lattice which reminds the Japanese-style roof truss of Takayama traditional houses is stunning.

Japanese paper screens and latticework are opened during the Takayama Festival.

Usually, the space is used for relaxing and as a community space.

Various types of well-known Takayama brand sake are provided.
You can enjoy Sake Tasting for free at night.

You can experience Japanese cultures in our Zen Room, such as Zen activity, the tea ceremony, kimono dressing, etc. Space with air of dignity which automatically make everyone sit straight.

Guest room and
large public bath

Simple guest rooms and large public
bath help wash away travel weariness

Each room dispenses with extraneous things to achieve a simple clean space. Soaking in a large public bath, guests can relax their mind and body to rinse away the fatigue of travel.

Deluxe room

Maisonette-style room

Maisonette-style room

Standard room

Barrier free room

SPA. You can relieve the weariness of the journey in the SPA with relaxing dim lighting.

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