Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

We comply with the following attitudes, actions, and manners in the official social media account of WOOD FRIENDS Group.

Consciousness and Responsibility in Outputting and Handling the Information in Social Media
  • ・We are always aware that information output on the Internet is accessible by many and unspecified users.
  • ・When outputting information, we strictly comply with the regulations and self-developed internal rules of WOOD FRIENDS Group.
  • ・We thoroughly understand that information output by each of us may cause a significant effect.
  • ・We understand that proper output of information may strengthen up the bonds with the society and the users as well as contribute to enhance the brand image of WOOD FRIENDS Group.
Mental Preparation for Participating the Social Media
  • ・Never less estimate the importance of attentive hearing for statements output by others.
  • ・Be responsible for the output and handling of the information and always pay attention not to give misunderstandings.
  • ・Understand that the information once output can never be completely deleted.
  • ・Act honestly as a sensible adult.
  • ・Fulfill the responsibilities in daily business operations.
Compliance with Regulations

Comply with regulations when using social media. In particular, respect the copyright, trademark right, portrait right, and any other right which invades a right of a third party.

For Customers Who Use Social Media

Not every information output from WOOK FRIENDS Group is our official announcement and opinion. Please note. For our official announcement, please see our official site ( and out press release.

For More Information

Please contact us from here if there is any question about WOOD FRIENDS Group social media policy and use of the social media.

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  • WOOD FRIENDS Co., Ltd.
  • 2nd Floor, KDX Nagoya Sakae Building, 4-5-3 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0008 Japan

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