Minimal Design such as the tea-ceremony room, you can feel The ZEN spirit

Japanese tea –ceremony room doesn’t need space, light and scenery of the outside than is necessary. There are more than fifty rooms in our hotel.

Room information

Room spec

Area 22.17- 26.99㎡
Number of guests up to 2 people
Meals breakfast available

Taking a seat on the Hida takayama’s culture.

Taking a seat on the Hida takayama’s culture. In our room you can touch the wooden culture that is a national business Hida Takumi that was active from ancient times.

Refresh in a shower

So that even the person whom it is difficult for a Japanese-style large bath, we have the Shower booth in the room.  ※ There is no Bathtub in the standard room and the superior room.

Non-Ordinariness in a compromise between Japanese and Western.

By colored Tatami and Futon mattress, you can feel unusual time.

Facility & Amenity

Original clothing / Leather soled sandals

Original clothing / Leather soled sandals

The Buddhist monk’s working clothes is from Zen Buddhism that used by the monk’s for days.
It is a very comfortable wear and you can relax in it.

Imabari towel

Imabari towel

Our towels are from Japan quality that impressed the world. The softness and the water absorption are excellent.



The free drinks in the room are mainly from local specialties. Hotel wood original blend roasted by [Yakata coffee]. [Shirakawa-tea] is one of the famous high grade tea that are here from early Edo era. Mineral water is from Nature of Northern Alps [Hida no shizuku]

Baby goods  ※ Rental

Baby goods ※ Rental

For our gests that come with baby, we have plenty of baby goods that can be used to feel relieved.

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi

In our hotel we have Free Wi-Fi you can connect your Laptop, Smartphone or your Tablet.

Parking Lot  ※Limited space

Parking Lot ※Limited space

On site we have parking lot for three cars including a parking place only for the physically disabled. In off-site we have seventeen cars parking space. Please make a reservation in advance.

Facilities in the guest room

  • Refrigerator
  • Deodorant spray
  • Hairdryer
  • Safety box
  • USB charger
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body soap
  • Shower toilet
  • Large shower head
  • hand soap
  • At sink (for women)
    (makeup remover, face wash, skin lotion, milky lotion)
  • At sink (for men)
    (face wash, skin lotion, hair wax, hair tonic)
  • Tooth brush & Tooth paste
  • Razor
  • Hair brush
  • Body towel
  • Hair tie
  • Shower cap
  • Cotton set

Facilities in the hall

  • Japanese large bath
  • Ice maker
  • Microwave
  • Coin laundry
    (Washing machine, Dryer)




We are using locally-grown foodstuff you can experience Takayama’s famous product Red turnip, Tofu and others.

Sake tasting (Seven locally brewed sake)

Sake tasting(Seven locally brewed sake)

These are made from clean water, good quality rice, all good conditions. We have seven types of these Japanese sake. Each one has their proud brand, you can taste and compare them.
[These are Sake breweries that you can taste]
・Funasaka brewery ・Hirata breweries ・Harada brewery
・Kawashiri brewery ・Niki brewery ・Hirase brewery
・Oita brewey

Matcha experience  ※Need reservation in advance

Matcha experience ※Need reservation in advance

In ZEN ROOM you can have a Matcha experience. It will relax you and you can feel the tea’s heart. Please taste this true Japanese culture.

Zazen experience  ※Need reservation in advance

Zazen experience ※Need reservation in advance

You can experience this Zazen that is from year 1558 in Zen-nou temple.
After an hour-long experience and some people say that they find a new self’s.

Price & Reserve

Accommodation 23,000yen~ / room
Number of guests up to 2 people
Meals breakfast available

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